Nightly Secluded Lodging Near The Buffalo National River
Yellville, Arkansas

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The Arkansas Ozarks is an interesting section of the American landscape. My husband and I, native Memphians, moved to this area in 1972. We have been here long enough to raise a family, develop friendships, and enjoy a successful law practice. It’s hard to believe that we have lived in these mountains for 43 years, and I am still amazed at their beauty and endurance. I can step right outside my door and walk though the woods or down the road and find pleasure in the springs, seasonal wild flowers and colors, or the intensity of a deep blue sky. As a photographer, I always find new treasures to capture on film. My husband keeps his fishing gear at his office in Yellville for fishing excursions to nearby lakes and rivers. We take off on the spur of the moment to float, hike, swim, and cookout at Buffalo River National Park.

I am so in love with the natural allure of the Ozark Mountains, that I decided to open a cottage and share the beauty that I witness daily with people who enjoy natural surroundings as much as I do. My husband and I bought a piece of property a few years ago that included a house. It needed to be either torn down or renovated. It is just on the edge of our 500 acres of woodland and pastures and sits demurely on the top of a small hill. The breeze is constant, and the setting is lovely and restful. We decided to renovate. At times during the year’s process, I wondered if I was in my right mind! As we worked, I grew more in love with the cottage and its surroundings. We raised the ceiling in the main part of the house, covered it in wood, and added lovely pine flooring. We opened the living area and combined the kitchen living room, and dining room to create one large living area. The color choice was easy –earth tones. I wanted the cottage to be restful and reflect the beauty of the outside area. The covered front porch and back deck were added and provide the perfect spots to enjoy the scenery.  

Since I am a photographer and an avid antique-lover, I furnished the cottage with original works of art, my photographs of the area and from my travels, antique photos and prints, and lots of eclectic collectibles and antiques. I even lovingly refinished the handmade oak table and benches where my family ate every meal and put that in the cottage for other families to enjoy. It is a fitting memorial to the joys and frustrations of mealtime in a family of 6! I also chose very fine linens for the bedding because I do not like sleeping on sheets that feel like canvas! The overall effect is very pleasing. It is now an inviting, all 950 square feet of it. The most common remark that I hear from visitors is "You know, I could live here." I believe that I could, too. My husband and I enjoy evening visits to the cottage when it is not rented, where we relax in the chairs under the oak tree and watch the evening stars. The cottage is a peaceful spot, and we love the feeling it conveys.

The final task was to landscape the yard, and I love to garden. However, if you understand the geological makeup of the Ozarks, you can understand why most people here do not have beautifully landscaped yards! When you dig a hole, you take a post-hole digger, pickaxe, metal post, and as many different kinds of shovels as you can carry. However, with my husband’s patient help, we managed to plant flowering shrubs, trees, and spring bulbs. The potted flowers and flower boxes added the perfect finishing touch.

Come visit and stay at the cottage. You will find it spotlessly clean, tastefully furnished, and lovingly tended. We live in a great place and would love to share the experience with you.